Western Rim Properties: Awards

Western Rim Properties are proud that in 2012 and 2013 they were named as a National award winner ranking #3 in the top 5 company score out of many hundreds of firms reviewed. The award was awarded by Satisfacts, the apartment industry’s authority on resident surveys, resident satisfaction, resident retention and reputation management.


Marcus Hiles the CEO of Western Rim Properties says that the company’s success is due to following clear principles which help them stay focused on their mission. He says that they aim to provide the finest housing choices in the best locations at the lowest possible cost.

They provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity. They embrace diversity as a way of life. They apply the highest standards to construction, design, planning, purchasing and customer service. They work to create excited, happy and totally satisfied customers. They always contribute to the environment, especially the neighbours. They also realize that profitability is required for all current and future success.

Western Rim Properties rental homes tend to be good fit with single family developments as they all have 1-2 car garages. The homes always match the quality, size and scale of single family homes. Typically the demographics for this product is upper middle class, single family professionals.

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  • Daisey Williams

    Western Rim deserve these awards. This Company is well known in Real Estate Market. They deserve more awards for their work.

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