Western Rim Properties: Company Philosophy and Charitable Interests

Western Rim Properties provides the best housing and choices in the best locations at the lowest possible cost for the customer. It creates a fantastic work environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Diversity is celebrated and encouraged. The highest standards of construction, purchasing and customer service is the company goal. Ultimately creating happy, satisfied and excited customers is the key to our success. Making a positive contribution to our neighbors environment is important to us. Profitability is valued as it is a requirement for our current and future success.

marcus hiles- western rim property

Marcus Hiles the CEO and founder of Western Rim Properties has made significant gifts to many deserving charities. His organisations have rehabilitated many public parks, lakes, streams and green spaces and given them to the general public to appreciate. The value of this donation is just under US$4million. His companies have created many private parks which has a positive environmental effect on communities but also provides habitats and refuge for natural wildlife.

He has helped inner city school children by gifting money for children’s hospitals, providing computers,after school programs, music and symphony programs. The value of these donations is under $500,000.

Marcus Hiles has provided annual funding for the last 20 years for disadvantaged women’s programs. Total value over US$600,000.Marcus has provided funding for building two churches with a third one in the early stages but in the pipeline. He has also provided education grants for public and private schools. He has also supported career services and job placements at a national university.

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