Exotic Properties Dot Texas Due to Careful Construction Chosen by Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles, the founder and manager of Western Rim Property Services, is proud to boast the property company’s ownership of more than 10,000 quality and luxurious apartments, townhouses, condos, and lofts. In collaboration with Mansions Custom Homes, also owned and operated by Marcus Hiles, the boom for luxurious living spaces that are exotic in nature yet affordable for the middle class who typically could not afford that type of quality of life, has been made attainable with numerous properties dotting the larger cities and communities in Texas.

Marcus hilesBoth of these companies have redefined the quality of housing available in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and other surrounding areas. These companies are a dynamic duo and together have gone through the stages Marcus Hiles has envisioned. Serving as the chief executive officer of both companies, he, a native Texas man, carefully chooses each property location keeping in mind the demographic who might want this type of luxurious yet affordable housing as an option. These living spaces that are made available through Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes are state of the art masterpieces.

With just a dream of building a few properties and managing them, the business has boomed. With thousands of tenants and properties, there is something for everyone in a variety of different price brackets all targeted at the middle class workers who want to be in a safe area near the cities but also in locations where things are accessible. The best schools and the job opportunities which are available are taken into great consideration when he determines where he wants to construct properties. The vision is then drawn into a blue print and then they have become a reality, giving numerous residents throughout Texas an opportunity to live in cozy yet luxurious homes without breaking the bank.

Marcus has the goal of creating tasteful residences and rental homes for renters and buyers so that residents have a wonderful and luxurious living space. Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes are notorious for constructing accommodations that are beautiful in design and have top notch amenities nearby and within the communities. Marcus D. Hiles is focused on having properties near lakes, golf courses, and recreational parks too so that individuals and families have places to safely engage in outdoor activities. Everything is tranquil and many of the exotic facilities include well equipped fitness centers, cafes, spas, and glamorous clubhouses.

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