Marcus Hiles: Rags to Riches

While Marcus Hiles is now a very wealthy man with two very successful companies under his belt, it was not always this way. He and his parents were considered lower-to-middle class, and money was never bountiful. Marcus Hiles’ father also worked as an inner city minister, and he saw that other people struggled in life as well. One of the sticking points for Marcus D. Hiles was seeing other people who had difficulties merely affording the roof over their head. Rental markets, even “back then,” were skewed in the favor of the property management companies and property owners. As he grew up, Marcus Hiles knew he wanted to change the game, and make sure people could afford quality housing without breaking the bank.

Once he went off to college, Hiles attempted to glean as much as he could from his education in order to succeed in this dream. First obtaining his Bachelors from Rice University in Texas, he then moved to California. There, he studied at Pepperdine University to earn his Masters in Business Administration. He moved back to Texas after finishing his program, and began to work. At the ripe old age of 28, Marcus Hiles set out to build what would become Western Rim Property Services.

If you’re at all familiar with the Dallas real estate market, or follow the Dallas news, you know Marcus Hiles’ name. He has nearly broken records with his properties, amassing over 7,500 in his portfolio. This is no small feat, considering Western Rim began from nothing. What makes Western Rim so successful is Marcus innovative idea. He would provide affordable housing that was luxurious and convenient for the residents, rather than what was only profitable to him. Today, Western Rim properties boast pools, gyms, clubhouses and parks on most properties. Some properties also have spas, wooded areas, or golf courses. They are the height of class and cost-effectiveness, two terms you don’t often see together.

The best part about these properties is that they are catered to the renters. Rather than having to move far away from work or school to afford a place like this, Western Rim has properties in inner cities that are close to great schools and jobs so that people can maintain their lifestyle. In addition, these properties only charge the going market rate, or sometimes even less. How could you lose? It’s no wonder Western Rim and Marcus Hiles properties are so in demand.

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