Marcus Hiles– The legend

At the age of 28, a young boy named Marcus Hiles, embarked on his journey to start a real estate property empire. After spending many days post his MBA in analyzing the real estate patterns and trends, he thought it was the right time to start his business journey. While analyzing he found that people were unhappy with the current developed communities. They were of the view that they spend lot of money but don’t get the desired luxuries.

Marcus Hiles decided that the goal of Western Rim Property services will be to provide “Best quality affordable homes at Best locations with Best of the amenities”. This strategy worked out immensely and coupled with his hardwork,confidence and perseverance he soon turned Western Rim Property services into a billion dollar company. Today his two companies Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes in Dallas have over 7500 properties and associations under his supervision.Plus, his companies hold some of the most in-demand and elegant property in Texas. His companies estimated value is in billions of dollars.

In today’s world were most companies run after profit and focus on quantity and mass production to make the profit, Marcus chose a different approach. His main motive was customer’s satisfaction and for this he decided to focus on quality rather than quantity. To achieve customer satisfaction he decided to include as many amenities as possible like gym, pools, cafes,club houses . His communities were built for the convenience of the residents.He cut the middleman thus essentially reducing the cost. He put the icing on the cake when he priced his properties – he would charge not more than market rate for the renters.This meant that deserving, hardworking Americans could finally afford quality living. Because of this, Western Rim grew exponentially.

Marcus Hiles has always believed that convenience should be a top priority for his communities. This belief also includes the application process that potential customers have to deal with prior to living in one of his residential units.Once the family chooses a unit that best fits their needs, the agent will assist with filling out the paperwork, and will often let the family know when they can move in before they leave.

Marcus Hiles has been extremely successful over the last decade. Ever since founding Western Rim Properties in 2004, Marcus Hiles still believes that hard work, dedication and team work truly do payoff, regardless of the type of business you own or the job you have. Marcus Hiles will continue to take this same tradition of excellence, pass it on to his employees and provide the highest quality of life for his residents.

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