The Properties of Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Real Estate Service

Marcus Hiles has always been a man with a vision. From the time he graduated from college through the founding of his company and all the way up to present day, Marcus Hiles lives by his vision that every hardworking, respectable Texas citizen deserves to live in the best possible house or condominium with great amenities. Convenience, Marcus says, is the key to a happy and healthy life. He works hard and dedicates his life continually to make sure his residents get to enjoy the best of what life has to offer.

From the very beginning, Marcus Hiles knew that he only wanted his properties in the best locations possible. From the southern part of Houston to the suburbs of Dallas and beyond, Marcus Hiles has made an impact on local communities everywhere. You can connect with Western Rim Property Service on Linkedin to learn more about the company’s locations and mission statement.

The Best Locations around the State of Texas

Over the last decade, Marcus Hiles and his company Western Rim Properties have built luxurious yet affordable communities in some of the best zip codes in Texas. Each location is strategically planned and picked because Marcus Hiles wants his properties in areas with low crime rates, affordable amenities and exceptional schools.

For his first development, Marcus Hiles’ chose Plano, Texas. In 2005, his company completed The Estates at Ridgeview Ranch. This highly sought after community was a crowning achievement for Marcus Hiles because he designed each individual home to the exact specifications of his future customers. The joy and happiness his residents felt when they moved in to their new homes will always be remembered as one of the great moments of his professional life. While there are a lot of properties managed by Western Rim Property Services, Plano, Texas will always have a special place in his heart.

Other locations that were picked after Plano included Austin, Round Rock, Carrolton, North Richland Hills, Mckinney and more.

Each Property is a Blueprint of Real Estate Brilliance

The success of Marcus Hiles and his company has always hinged on the fact that he’s been able to follow through on promises to keep prices low while offering exceptional amenities. From his very first property in Plano, each community is built with top-of-the-line amenities like cafes, running trails, tennis courts, stores, offices, fitness centers and more. Each Western Rim property has sold out faster than expected, allowing Marcus Hiles to further expand his company into other locations across the country.

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