Marcus Hiles: Carving a Name for Himself in Texan Real Estate

It is hard to take the path less taken; to go where few have gone before. Yet men of true grit are able to do this and when they do, they sure go all the way. Marcus Hiles is one such man; the creator of the hugely successful Western Rim Properties, who has carved a path in real estate at Texas that has changed the face of real estate in that region.

Marcus Hiles and Success in Dallas: The Man behind Western Rim Properties is a true entrepreneur. Coming from a middle class background that had no connection to real estate or property, he went on to work himself up, earning a Bachelor’s degree from Rice University and his Masters of Business Administration from Pepperdine University. He then went on to found one of Texas’ largest property conglomerates, Western Rim Properties. These properties are famous for being found on prime real estate that is located close to businesses and top schools and which overlooks lakes, jogging trails and parks, as well as for their luxury amenities.

Everything about Western Rim Properties breathes class. Starting from its designer golf courses, to its real hardwood floors and to the spas that are housed on the properties and are available for use by the residents, everything about it has a resort like feel to it. This is what inspires a home owner to feel pride in their home, and that is the basic principle behind making these properties so luxurious.

Marcus Hiles and His Efforts To Turn His Dream Into Reality to make luxury living affordable for the average American citizen is what has led him to price these properties at below market value. There are today over 7,500 properties under Western Rim and several more continue to be added every year. He has successfully turned what other real estate tycoons would view as a tough path, into one that is profitable. He has made luxury living cheap and affordable to the middle class families of America while maintaining their high quality.

This is what sets Hiles apart from other property developers in Texas. He even offers services to customize homes based on a customer’s preferences so that there is true customer satisfaction that can be achieved through his endeavours. He has made his own brand of luxury living a reality in this area.

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