Understanding the Philosophy of Marcus Hiles

If there is something that contributed to Marcus Hiles’s coming to fame, it is the real estate company that he founded when he was just 28 years of age. It was way back in the year 2004 when he wanted to start a real estate company to ensure better standards of living for the people of the state of Texas. He is a philanthropist who has been thinking good about the people of his state. With hard work and determination he could take his real estate venture Western Rim Properties to the limits that he himself had not even imagined.

It’s been more than a decade now that Marcus Hiles – Chairman and CEO at Western Rim/Mansions Custom Homes and his wife Nancy has been involved in various social works through which they together wanted to make his company successful. Marcus has spent more than a million dollar each year towards the development of real estate properties and also for the development of infrastructures of schools and colleges.

Marcus Hiles’s tendency to give back to the community made him successful in his ventures. Ever since his childhood he has been involved in various charitable works for the benefit of the society. He taught poor children and provided shelters to the homeless people of texas. he also made sure that there is maximum employment of Texans in his company in various posts like engineers, workmen, supervisors, and masons. In the beginning, his company was not as successful as it is now. However, as his assets grew, he became more generous towards the society.

Marcus and Nancy Hiles also contributed millions of dollars towards the protection of the environment. He is considered to be one of the leading realtors and a popular philanthropist of the state of Texas. View Marcus Hiles’s professional profile on LinkedIn to know more about him.

Marcus Hiles grew up in the Central Texas and attended public school in the state itself. However, he went out of Texas to the Pepperdine University to complete his Masters. On his return to his home state he found out that the people of the state of Texas are not getting worth the amount spent when it comes to real estate properties. He made sure that the people of his state get real estate properties at reasonable prices.

His main aim has always been to improve the infrastructures of the schools in the cities of Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. He donated money towards the development of computer labs and for other programs in the schools and colleges.

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