Marcus Hiles – The Peoples Crusader

Marcus Hiles was born in Central Texas. He was raised by two hardworking individuals who always taught him that dedication and hard work to achieve his goals would be the key to his success. Marcus Hiles applies the lessons given to him by his parents to his working life daily and he instills the same beliefs within his employees.

As a life-long resident of Texas, Marcus Hiles dedicates his life to building numerous real estate developments in every corner of the state. From luxury custom homes to affordable apartment communities, Marcus Hiles has plans to change the way hardworking Americans live, and while he is well-known by people across the country. Marcus is also an avid philanthropist and tax crusader.

Marcus Hiles has been standing up for the people of Texas ever since he started university at Rice University. As a young, hardworking university student, Marcus Hiles always stood up for less fortunate individuals, especially those who needed financial support.

From California to Texas and to New York, taxes are being raised annually. Some states are experiencing an average increase of 4 percent per year, something that Texas has so far been able to avoid. As a man of the people, Marcus Hiles will continue to stand up against high taxes and big government. He fears that bigger government will lead to outrageous federal debt levels and poverty everywhere. Through many previous interviews, Marcus Hiles has also been able to prove that increasing taxes on Americans will adversely affect their ability to purchase homes due to lower disposable income.

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