Marcus Hiles – Creating Luxury Homes

Marcus Hiles had the dream of building luxury houses at reasonable prices for people. Through diligence and sheer determination, he was able to make this dream come true.

Western Rim Properties by Marcus Hiles was established twenty-seven years ago in 1988 when he graduated from the University. It now has over 10,400 existing units with an additional 5,200 units in the pipeline at one stage or another.

Marcus Hiles knows the exact type of homes his customers are looking for. He therefore does his best by creating these kinds of houses with the best of amenities to keep them coming back. By doing this, his customer base also increases on a yearly basis. Luxuries like real hardwood floors, marble baths and jetted tubs, granite kitchen counter tops, and 80 ounce carpets are some of the luxuries in his buildings. He also ensures that they are located right next to schools and businesses.

NewPort Classic homes By Marcus D Hiles is a cornerstone project for Western Rim Properties. It was one of the original properties built by the company which he still uses as a blueprint for other developments.

Newport Classic Homes will continue to remain the blueprint for Western Rim properties because of the many amenities that was designed for the residents.

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