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Marcus Hiles is a name of repute and fame in the property world. When he established his company Western Rim Property Services, he could never have imagined the following that it now boasts. Marcus Hiles has had the pleasure of overseeing numerous developments and a great many loyal customers that have used his talent to complete their dreams and fulfill their dream of ownership. Where have all these budding buyers come from, and what is it that has made them choose Marcus Hiles? It is indeed a relevant question to consider as success is always something that needs to be verified and seem in action to really be believed.

The number of buyers for homes in the United States of America dropped after the 2008 recession. The global financial crisis hit the wallets of millions of Americans and countless more from other parts of the world, leaving the property market dry and in dire need of a boost. It is no surprise that the state of affairs was so poor when money was not in abundance and the idea of property ownership was certainly not at the top of the list of priorities for most. However since the year two thousand and twelve things have picked up, and some major players have emerged in the wake of a once fraught market. The new breed of customers now patrolling the market are hungry for luxury, cutting edge design and a definition of living that pushes the expectations of past generations.

Such contemporary-minded people found just this in the work of Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property Services. Hundreds have come to their doors to snap up a property at one of his many hot locations in communities like McKinney, Dallas, Briggs and Lakeway. They aren’t quiet about it either and a great number of reviews can be found at websites that document Marcus Hiles’ success. Some such websites are Marcus Hiles Houston Texas and Marcus Hiles Fortworth News. It is at these blogs and many more that the testimony of happy customers can enrich the perusing customer and skeptical onlooker alike. Take a google search for yourself and have a look at the online reputation of this marvelous businessman.


  • Moritz Ferdinand

    My expecting wife and I are absolutely crazy about our new Palermo apartment at Mansions On The Park! So spacious and with a beautiful view! And the extra bedroom will be perfect for when our daughter arrives in September.

  • David Paul

    Nothing really compares to living in the serene beauty of the Texas countryside. So happy with our decision to move to The Mansions at Briggs Ranch.

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