Hiles’ Properties Retain Natural Harmony

Hles’ Properties Retain Natural Harmony

With strategic planning, all of Marcus Hiles’ exquisite communities throughout Texas are created in harmony with nature to conserve power and keep monthly costs down. Elegant extra-tall, dual pane windows reduce air conditioning needs during summer by utilizing a layer of argon gas. Highly effectual weather stripping maintains tight seals, which prevents drafts—a common culprit of the need for extra energy use. Programmable thermostats and 16 SEER HVAC systems maintain the perfect temperatures throughout the year, allowing for reduced heating and cooling needs when tenants are away from home or during sleeping hours, which significantly cuts electric bills while delivering optimal comfort. Other structural details that help with climate control include reflective TechShield® radiant barrier sheathing in attics, which redirects the sun’s intense rays and blocks up to 97 percent of produced warmth. Full depth cellulose insulation, also in attics and walls, is not only exceptional at minimalizing intrusive noise, but with the professional installation techniques implemented on Western Rim’s properties, cellulose forms air-tight closures and limits convection, decreasing reliance on central air and heat. Cellulose is especially helpful for keeping expenses minimized during winter, as a University of Colorado School of Architecture and Planning study documented that it loses 26.4% less heat over time than traditional fiberglass insulation.

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